Drought Relief Water Allocation Trial

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Mount Barker District Council acknowledges that we are currently experiencing one of the driest years on record, which is especially taking its toll on a number of rural property owners who are not connected to the reticulated water supply network or have access to reliable bore water sources. These are the people whose primary production livelihood are at risk.

As such, we are implementing a Controlled Trial Drought Relief Water Allocation Program, enabling eligible affected ratepayers in the Mount Barker District Council area to access up to 10,000 litres of bore water for the purpose of stock use. The trial program will be capped at up to 10,000 litres of water per application and a total of 200,000 litres allocated for the initial trial program.

Trial conditions

  1. For access to a water allocation, an application must be lodged with the Mount Barker District Council.
  2. Water is only to be used by the applicant and cannot be provided to a third party.
  3. Water is only to be used for stock watering.
  4. Users of this service are solely responsible for providing a suitable compliant cartage vessel or engaging a cartage contractor. 
  5. Mount Barker District Council has no responsibility for water quality.
  6. Council will monitor usage and reserves the right to refuse applicants if conditions of use are not complied with.
  7. The trial is to comply with all relevant authorities including EPA.
  8. Soon after the conclusion of the trial an evaluation report will be provided to Council by staff.
  1. The property must be within the Mount Barker District Council area only.
  2. The property must not be connected to a reticulated water supply network.
  • The applicant must complete the online application Drought Relief Water Allocation - Controlled Trial (see link below).
  • Applications will be assessed within one full business day and contact made with applicant to issue permit and arrange a time and location for accessing water allocation.
  • Application is to be made for each 10,000 litre maximum allocation
  • Each 10,000 litre maximum allocation is to be collected in one transaction.


To apply, please complete the online application form below:
Drought Relief Water Allocation - Controlled Trial Online Application Form

Enquiries regarding this trial can be made to the Maintenance and Operations Department via telephone 8393 6450 or email mopsadmin@mountbarker.sa.gov.au

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200