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City Development forms part of the Planning & Development department. City Development incorporates Planning, Building and Engineering. Both planning and building are involved in the decision making process of assessing development applications for Development Approval in accordance with the provisions of the Development Act, 1993.

As Council assesses approximately 1700 development applications per annum, your development application can be assessed more efficiently depending on the information provided with your application which can be found on our information sheets (see below). The City Development Team has collated key information and online resources to help you better understand and use our planning and building services.

Key information and online resources to help you better understand and use our planning and building services.

In response to the rapidly approaching implementation of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (PDI) Act coupled with Council’s vision to streamline our processes and eliminate unnecessary paper wastage, the Mount Barker District Council is moving towards a fully electronic system on 1 July 2019. As part of this, we are striving to provide all correspondence via email including planning consents, building consents, full development approvals and wastewater approvals.

As part of this, we kindly request that all applications (development and wastewater) be submitted to Council electronically as per the attached ‘Email Lodgement of Development Applications Fact Sheet’. We also require that the landowner’s email address be included on the application form/s.

Council has made a significant investment into our systems to enable this improvement to occur and we anticipate that this will result in significant efficiency gains for both Council and our building partners.

Please note that the owner’s email address will not be used for general correspondence or information requests and will only be used as a means to provide them with a copy of the decision notice.

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Planning & Building Fact Sheets and Forms

We have put together some information sheets which may help you with your questions about planning and building.

If these information sheets do not help you with your query, please contact Council at


Information included below includes:

•  Building & Planning: Application Forms

•  Building & Planning: Explained

•  Building & Planning: Information Sheets

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Building & Planning: Application Forms

> Development Application Form

> Electricity Act Powerlines Declaration

> Powerline Declaration Guide

> Demolition Development Application Form

Building & Planning: Explained

> Fact 01: What is Planning?

> Fact 02: Do I Need Approval?

> Fact 03: Why Do I Need Approval?

> Fact 04: What is a Development Approval?

> Fact 05: What do I need to Lodge?

> Fact 06: What else do I need to Lodge?

> Fact 07: Where do I get Help?

> Fact 08: Applications lodged by Builders

> Fact 09: What are the Types of Development?

> Fact 10: Can I Apply for Non Complying?

> Fact 11: How are Applications Assessed?

> Fact 12: What Process will my Application Follow?

> Fact 13: What is Public Notification?

> Fact 14: Representations – Objecting to an Application

> Fact 15: What are Referrals?

> Fact 16: What is the Development Plan?

> Fact 17: What is Zoning and Why?

> Fact 18: How do I get the Development Plan Changed?

> Fact 19: Costs Associated with Development Assessment

> Fact 20: Where can I get Plans Drawn?

> Fact 21: What is CAP?

> Fact 22: How Long will my Application Take?

> Fact 23: What is the Process for a Land Division Urban?

> Fact 24: What is the Process for a Land Division Regional?

> Fact 25: Glossary of Planning Terms

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Building & Planning: Information Sheets

> Home Based Business

> Occupation of a building

> Land Division Process - Development of Planning and Infrastructure Fact Sheet

> Land Division Fact Sheet 1: Site Analysis

> Land Division Fact Sheet 2: Energy Efficiency

> Land Division Fact Sheet 3: Water Sensitive Urban Design

> Land Division Fact Sheet 4: Biodiversity Open Space and Buffers

> Land Division Fact Sheet 5: Sustainable Transport

> Minor Domestic: Development Guide

> New Dwelling: Development Guide

> New Dwellings - Tips & Reminders

> Retaining Walls and Fences: Development Guide

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ATO: GST + Property

For every property transaction you make, there may be a tax consideration.

Determine your GST obligations on the ATO website below:

> GST and Property guide

> Guide to ATO


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